The Royal Meteorological Society Weather A-Z

  • IBSN 9780565095291 
  • hardback 
  • 160 pages, more than 100 colour images 
  • 230mm x 173mm 
  • made from materials certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council 

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Description / The Royal Meteorological Society Weather A-Z

From fire rainbows to ice storms, this is an A to Z guide to the Earth’s spectacular weather phenomena. The entries have been crafted by experts at The Royal Meteorological Society, and many are illustrated with dramatic imagery from their annual Weather Photographer of the Year competition.

As well as providing precise scientific and geographic detail on all aspects of weather, the book also includes a chapter on ‘cloudspotting for beginners’ by Gavin Pretor-Pinney, author of The Cloudspotter’s Guide.

The Royal Meteorological Society is the Professional and Learned Society for Weather and Climate. The Society serves anyone whose work is affected in some way by the weather or climate, or simply have a general interest in the weather. The membership includes scientists, practitioners and a broad range of weather enthusiasts with membership open to anyone with an interest in weather and climate.

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