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Fern Print by Jim Moir
The white Diplodocus Plant Pot with a succulent-type plant growing out of it, styled on a wooden shelf with a mirror behind it.
The Mini Greenhouse Grow Kit in its boxed packaging.
Light-teal Fern Cup with the Fern the Diplodocus logo on the front and the mug's handle on the right.
Flamingo Egg Cup
T. rex Large Replica Skull shown side on facing left, with its mouth open.
The cream Museum Gardens Tea Towel with a large, yellow/orange print of Fern the Diplodocus surrounded by green foliage and a large sun.
Woodland Wildflowers Seedbom in its brown packaging and the words 'Throw it, grow it'.
Birdsong Wall Clock framed in black, showing the 12 different illustrated birds, one representing each number.
Coral Origami Plant Pot
Dinosaurs Reusable Travel Mug  with its label, showing illustrations, including T. rex, Ankylosaurus and Triceratops.
Wildlife Grassland Seedbom in its green packaging and the words 'Throw it, grow it'.
Urban Blooming Wildflowers Seedbom in its purple packaging.
The cream, emamel Museum Gardens Mug, with an illustration on the front of Fern the Diplodocus.
The round Bird Nester shown front on with the circular entrance and the sari material weaved in.
Earth’s Geology Drinks Bottle showing the volcano cross section.
The Teal Origami Plant Pot styled with a plant inside it, displayed on a light teal plinth with a light teal background. The plant has large, elephant-ear shaped leaves.
Stegosaurus Plant Pot with a plant growing out of it, styled on a wooden shelf, next to a mirror. The plant has purple-green leaves.