Three bird-shaped egg cups holding a hen's egg, displayed with their packaging and styled with green fern-like props. There's a peacock, puffin and flamingo.

Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre

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Described as a “splendid book” by Stephen Fry, Josh Davis’s insights into the diversity and biology of sex and reproduction in nature is informative, entertaining and wildly fascinating.

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Charles Darwin Explorer Set with all items displayed in the wooden case, which has the lid open.
The brown Geological Time Drinks Bottle showing the era and period names.
Owls' Road House Wall Print
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Guess Who? Dinosaur Edition Board Game
Ice Bed Notebook: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 59
Golden Horseshoe Crab Cushion Cover: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 59 front
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Dinosaur Torch and Projector front cover of packaging
Dino Dad front cover with an illustration of a family turning from humans into dinosaurs, with an inset photograph of Andy Day.