The Climate Book

  • created by Greta Thunberg 
  • ISBN 9780241547472 
  • hardback 
  • 464 pages 
  • 252mm x 192mm 
  • 1,200g 
  • made from materials certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council 

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Description / The Climate Book

Greta Thunberg's speeches shook the world. With this book, she has created an essential tool for everyone who wants to help save it. She writes that: The odds are against us, and we are running out of time. We all have the responsibility of being alive at the most decisive time in the history of humanity. Together, we can do the seemingly impossible. But it has to be us, and it has to be now.

One of the topics that the climate and environment activist covers is biodiversity, and Museum biodiversity researcher Dr Adriana De Palma was among more than 100 experts who contributed to the book.