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Meteorites: The Story of our Solar System front cover
Wildlife Photographer of the Year Highlights Volume 9 front cover
In the Name of Plants front cover
Front cover of: The Natural History Museum Book of Gemstones: A Concise Reference Guide
Front cover of Interesting Shells by Andreia Salvador
A Bug's World front cover
Wildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolio 33 front cover
Bats: Their Biology and Behaviour front cover
A History of Life in 100 Fossils front cover
Snakes: Their Diversity, Ecology and Behaviour front cover
Rare Treasures front cover
Birds of the World: The Art of Elizabeth Gould

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Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story front cover
How Wildlife Photography Became Art: 55 Years of Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Little People, Big Dreams: Mary Anning
Winnie-the-Pooh: A Day at The Natural History Museum front cover
Kids Only Activity Guide front cover
Flora: An Artistic Voyage Through the World of Plants front cover

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