Snakes: Their Diversity, Ecology and Behaviour

  • by David Gower, Katie Garrett and Simon Maddock 
  • ISBN 9780565095505 
  • paperback 
  • 192 pages, with colour images
  • W173mm x H230mm 
  • made from materials certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council 

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Description / Snakes: Their Diversity, Ecology and Behaviour

Whether loathed, feared or admired, snakes evoke stronger human reactions than almost any other animal. Moving gracefully without limbs, swallowing meals often several times larger than their own heads, and with many having venomous bites, these creatures never fail to fascinate.

From garter snakes and vipers to cobras, boas and pythons, Snakes describes the biology, natural history, habitat and conservation status of this complex group of animals that includes more than 4,000 living species. It's packed with stunning imagery and insights from our Museum experts.