Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story

  • by Rob Dinnis and Chris Stringer
  • ISBN 9780565093372
  • 152 pages
  • paperback

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Description / Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story

When did the first humans arrive in Britain? Where did they come from? And what did they look like? Find the answers to questions about our ancestors in this comprehensive, thought-provoking study of the human past of Britain. It begins nearly one million years ago, during the earliest known human occupation, and reveals how humans have periodically lived there ever since.

Drawing on a wealth of evidence from archaeological sites, it uncovers which human species lived in Britain during multiple waves of occupation. It describes who they were, what their habitats were like, which animals shared their landscape, and what they did to survive, from the first use of fire to specialised hunting. It shows how Britain's human occupants changed, adapting and often succumbing to dramatically changing climate and landscapes.

The story is told by Rob Dinnis and Chris Stringer, two scientists at the forefront of research into our ancient ancestors. Together they describe the discoveries, the key fossil specimens and the science behind these remarkable findings. Written in a lively and engaging style, and fully illustrated with maps, diagrams and photographs, Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story is an invaluable guide to our early human relatives.

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