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Homeware, stationery and accessories - including calendars, lights, decorations and notebooks - inspired by dinosaurs, wildlife and the Museum itself.

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Birdsong Wall Clock framed in black, showing the 12 different illustrated birds, one representing each number.
Ice Bed Notebook: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 59
The Geological Time Beer Glass filled with dark liquid to show the eras, periods and years of time.
Peacock Egg Cup
Age of Dinosaurs Canvas Pencil Case showing the dinosaur skeletons of Diplodocus, T. rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus.
Zwitscherbox for Indoor Birdsong shown front-on with its birdhouse-shaped front made from bamboo and the speaker holes.
Charles Darwin Explorer Set with all items displayed in the wooden case, which has the lid open.
William Smith Passport Holder in its blue wrapper packaging.
Bird Box Camera displayed alongside the box packaging it comes in from the makers, Green Feathers.
Wildlife Photographer of the Year Food Flask

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The round Bird Nester shown front on with the circular entrance and the sari material weaved in.
Earth’s Geology Drinks Bottle showing the volcano cross section.
Flamingo Egg Cup
Traditional Magnifying Glass
Garden Birds Mug displayed side on with some of the illustrations shown, including house sparrow and bullfinch.
Autumn Glow Notebook: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 59
Litter Picker showing the jaw at one end of the shaft and the trigger and handle at the other.
William Smith Geological Map Washbag