Butterflybom Seedbom

Help boost butterfly populations with this biodegradable 'grenade', filled with nectar-rich wildflower seeds and peat-free compost. Pull the pin, soak the shell then throw it or scatter the seeds into areas of your garden that need a little colour. 


The seeds are a mix of flowers native to the UK and found on the Royal Horticultural Society Plants for Pollinators List: musk mallow, birds-foot trefoil, yarrow, oxeye daisy, red campion and forget-me-not. 

      • 25g 
      • 8cm x 5.5cm 
      • non-GMO seed mix, organic peat-free compost  
      • 100% biodegradable: starch and natural fibre-based paper-foam shell 
      • recyclable, glue-free cardboard packaging 
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