Teal Origami Plant Pot

  • self-watering, foldable
  • H12cm x W12cm (diameter)
  • 80g
  • made from recycled plastic
  • not suitable for outdoors

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Description / Teal Origami Plant Pot

Next time you’re thinking of sending some flowers, why not send one of these stylish origami planters instead?

As its name suggests, the plant pot is foldable – enough so that it can be flat-packed to fit through a typical letterbox. It’s made from waste polypropylene, a type of flexible plastic often used in packaging such as yogurt tubs and water bottles.

What’s more, the pot can keep the plant hydrated for up to three weeks. Unfurl the pot and secure it into shape with the cotton cord, which will then act as a straw, drawing up water from the reservoir at the base into the soil.