Bond of Life greetings card: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 55

If there's someone who you really look up to, why not let them know with this card that turns an ordinary event (in a young penguin's life) into a treasured moment. It was taken by Stefan Christmann for the fifty-fifth Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, announced in 2019.


An emperor penguin chick, just six to eight weeks old and small enough to balance on its parent’s feet, looks up, hoping for a beakful of regurgitated food. Though the father alone incubated it as an egg, both parents share chick-rearing duties.


The Wildlife Photographer of the Year is the Museum's annual competition and exhibition that highlights the world's best nature imagery, with the hope of inspiring observers to become advocates for the planet.


Printed in the UK, the card and envelope are made from materials certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council and come wrapped in a recycled paper band.

  • Bond of Life by Stefan Christmann 
  • 2019 collection: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 55 
  • blank inside, with white envelope 
  • 163mm x 163mm x 2mm 
  • 21.5g 
  • materials: FSC-certified coated cardboard; plastic-free EcoBand wrapper 
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