Bird Nester

  • H15.5cm x W14.5cm x D18.5cm
  • 280g
  • fair trade, made from hogla grass and recycled saris

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Description / Bird Nester

Help smaller birds like sparrows and blue tits find a home with this delightful, handmade nest.

The distinctive round shape provides species who like to roost together with a cosy place for hunkering down in the winter, then in the spring it becomes a safe nesting site.

Once you’ve found a sheltered spot, perhaps under a tree canopy or in a hedge or bush, use the hooks on the back or the top loop to secure it.

Each nester is carefully created by artisans in southern Bangladesh who are skilled in using hogla grass, which is often considered an invasive weed, to make all sorts of homeware. They also select the colour of the recycled sari cloth to weave into the grass and stitch onto the metal frame, which means your nester is unique.