Bats: Their Biology and Behaviour

  • by Tony Hutson 
  • ISBN 9780565095284 
  • paperback 
  • 160 pages 
  • 230mm x 183mm 
  • made from materials certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council

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Description / Bats: Their Biology and Behaviour

An illuminating introduction to the world of bats, revealing the secrets of these extraordinary creatures’ behaviour.

Beginning with their anatomy, author Tony Hutson explores how bats’ unique characteristics have enabled them to evolve to fill a wide variety of habitats and niches. He examines their different life cycles, dietary strategies, migration patterns and unique feats of echolocation. He discusses their predators, parasites, the man-made threats to their ecosystem, and how the viruses harboured by bats can impact on humans. The book also features an appendix of bat families which details the number of genera and species and their distribution and diet.

Tony Hutson is a specialist in international bat conservation, working on a range of research and consultancy projects. Previously, he was the Conservation Officer for the Bat Conservation Trust, London.