Women Artists: Images of Nature

Women have made significant contributions to natural history, art, science and education throughout history. Celebrate their work and lives with this exquisite collection from women artists spanning the last four centuries, picked from our unrivalled collections.


Featuring specially selected artworks from the Library of the Natural History Museum, this book covers from the Seventeenth Century onwards, and the great ages of discovery. From the fine butterfly drawings by accomplished artist Margaret Fountaine, to the vivid illustrations of Indian natural, cultural and social history by Olivia Tonge, see how these women contributed so indelibly to our understanding of the world.


Get lost in the detailed bird images by Elizabeth Gould, who married highly regarded ornithologist John Gould and produced over 600 illustrations for her husband's publications, or the work of modern hyper-realists such as Jean Webb or Jessica Tcherepnine, who painted into their seventies as two of the world's leading botanical artists.


Featuring celebrated artworks and rarely-seen gems, this book serves up a visual feast of the neverending wonders of the natural world and the significant role that women have played in observing and documenting it.


Perfect for anyone appreciative of science, art and the sheer beauty of fine botanical prints.

  • art and nature
  • by Andrea Hart
  • paperback
  • 112 pages
  • 25x21.5cm
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