Birds: Paintings of 100 British Birds

  • by Jim Moir
  • foreword by Chris Packham, with 100 paintings of birds
  • ISBN 9781800182028
  • hardback
  • 224 pages
  • H17.6cm x W14.1cm
  • 300g

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Description / Birds: Paintings of 100 British Birds

You probably know the comedian, artist and writer Jim Moir by another name, Vic Reeves, but it’s as a painter that his popularity has soared again.

Each double page spread of his book is dedicated to a single species, painted in exquisite detail alongside the scientific name and an interesting fact.

Meet the red-backed shirke, Lanius collurio, who's named after the Old English word for shriek and the charming goldcrest, Regulus regulus, who hid in the feathers of an eagle.