Flora: An Artistic Voyage Through the World of Plants

  • by Sandra Knapp
  • ISBN 9780565093983
  • box set includes 36 framable prints (33cm x 26cm)
  • 224 pages
  • W27.4cm x D4cm x H33.1cm

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Description / Flora: An Artistic Voyage Through the World of Plants

Discover the history of key plant families from around the world, including how some plants are now more commonly found in back gardens.

The Museum's Merit Researcher and Head of the Plants Division Dr Sandra Knapp introduces botanists who braved disease, war, and danger to bring back plants we now see regularly, and documents the remarkable behaviours of plants that have adapted to survive in hostile and changing habitats.

With more than 20 essays and 160 illustrations, the box set includes descriptions of different specimens such as cacti, irises, roses and tulips, and information on cultivation and folklore. Also included are 36 frameable prints, which have been beautifully reproduced from original artworks and books in Museum. All of this makes it a wonderful gift for any horticultural enthusiast.