A Bug's World

  • written by Dr Erica McAlister, illustrated by Stephanie Fizer Coleman 
  • ISBN 9781526362988 
  • recommended reading age: 7 to 9 years 
  • hardback 
  • 64 pages 
  • 246mm x 318mm x 12mm
  • 700g 
  • made from FSC-certified paper and card 

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Description / A Bug's World

Did you know that flies can help us solve crimes, that spiders can be astronauts, or that moths are the ultimate fashion designers?

From making our food to keeping the planet clean, bugs come to our rescue every day, often without our even realising. Follow the evidence to discover the extraordinary things that bugs do for us - and how we can look after them in return.

It's a fun and fact-filled way of introducing the fascinating world of bugs to kids aged seven to nine. It's written by the Museum's bug expert Dr Erica McAlister, Senior Curator for Diptera and Siphonaptera, and brilliantly illustrated by Stephanie Fizer Coleman.