Birds: A Complete Guide to their Biology and Behaviour

This newly reformatted edition of the first section of critically acclaimed reference book The World of Birds will delight any bird enthusiast.


Containing an overview of the evolution of birds from the age of the dinosaurs, this illustrated book explores the features that are unique to our feathered friends.


Written by leading ornithologist Jonathan Elphick, this guide covers everything from bird anatomy, flight techniques, and plumage, to bird calls, social relationships and breeding.


With work from award-winning wildlife photographer David Tipling and other wildlife photographers, Birds is essential reading for bird watchers and natural history enthusiasts alike.  

  • by Jonathan Elphick
  • published in association with the Natural History Museum
  • suitable for adults
  • educational
  • paperback
  • 280 pages
  • 25.3 x 19cm 
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