The Frozen Spires wall print

Roberto lives in Auronzo di Cadore, in the Italian province of Belluno, under the spectacular Dolomite massif of Croda dei Toni. Many times he had photographed the mountain landscape in winter, but on this particular morning, when the clouds cleared for a moment, the scene appeared very different. To a casual observer, Cima d’Auronzo – one of the peaks of the massif – was merely covered in a fresh dusting of snow following the previous day’s blizzard. But Roberto could immediately see that the snow had not only settled on the tops of the peaks but was also sticking to some of the vertical faces and, most unusually, to several of the downward-facing surfaces (particularly visible on the large, block-shaped peak to the left). 

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  • THE FROZEN SPIRES © Roberto Zanette (2019)
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