Litter Picking Bag Hoop

  • diameter 30cm
  • 300g
  • made from recycled fishing gear
  • fits most bin bags

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Description / Litter Picking Bag Hoop

While you’re out and about watching birds, why not help look after their habitat too? Every bit of rubbish removed from urban pavements and rural pathways means fewer birds digest or build nests with harmful materials and chemicals.

Waste material that’s picked up can often be recycled into useful kit like this very ring. Each one is made from 300g of recycled polypropylene from fishing gear discarded on UK coastlines.

This handy hoop keeps your collecting bag open and the secure grip makes it easy to carry, even on the windiest of days. 

Its clam-shell design fits most bin bags, heavy-duty refuse sacks and hessian/woven sacks. Combine it with the picker and then name yourself a litter picker warrior!