'Where do I live?' game

Children will love learning about different animals and their habitats with this lotto game, as they match individual animals to their homes. 


Ideal for children aged from three to six, this educational game is brightly illustrated and its double-sided boards contain heaps of facts about new animals.


Watch as children explore the habitats of some of the world's most exciting animals, from the arctic lair of the polar bear, to the camel’s desert home. Help kids to increase their knowledge of the animal kingdom as they learn about the natural habitats of many different creatures, from octopuses to elephants.         


This fun-filled observational game will keep young minds busy for hours.

  • encourages observational skills
  • encourages discussion
  • develops personal and social skills
  • develops matching and memory skills
  • ages 3-6
  • 2-4 players
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