Titanosaur Small Soft Toy

  • suitable for ages 0+ 
  • H28cm, L38cm 
  • 200g 
  • made from 100% recycled materials (plastic fabrics, glass beans, sew-in label) 

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Description / Titanosaur Small Soft Toy

Introduce little ones of today to the big ones of the prehistoric era with this cute, cuddly toy.

Handmade from super-soft recycled materials, this diminutive giant has bright yellow eyes, a distinctive orange, brown and green dappled body and a smooth, white underbelly - ready for packing in a bag on big days out.

If you want to get up close to the real thing, why not book tickets to our exhibition Titanosaur: Life as the Biggest Dinosaur and discover how this colossal animal survived and thrived.