Titanosaur Large Soft Toy

  • suitable for ages 0+ 
  • H70cm, L110cm 
  • 1.9kg 
  • made from 100% recycled materials (plastic fabrics, glass beans, sew-in label) 

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Description / Titanosaur Large Soft Toy

At 70cm from toes to nose and more than a metre in length, this titanic teddy has a lot of love to give.

Its camouflaged orange, green and brown body, white underbelly and big, furry feet are made from super-soft recycled materials, and those bright yellow eyes glint with the promise of adventures with its new owner.

This friendly giant is based on Patagotitan mayorum, one of the largest animals ever to have walked the Earth, which you can see here at the Museum until 14 January 2024.