The Fossil Hunter

  • by Kate Winter 
  • ISBN 9780241469880 
  • recommended reading age: 5-10 years 
  • hardback 
  • 80 pages, with colour illustrations 
  • 304mm x 255mm 
  • 250g 

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Description / The Fossil Hunter

Introduce youngsters to Mary Anning, the young British fossil hunter who unearthed the truth about dinosaurs and paved the way for modern palaeontology.

She explored the cliffs and seashores of Lyme Regis for strange rocks and shells, finding mysterious traces of marine reptiles and dinosaurs who had reigned the land and seas millions of years ago - evidence which helped piece together a picture of how the animals lived and evolved.  

With its beautiful illustrations and stunning panoramic fold-out pages, this is a book to treasure.