Strong as an Ankylosaurus T-shirt for Kids

  • teal coloured
  • designed exclusively for the Museum
  • available in kids' sizes
  • 100% organic, ring-spun, combed cotton
  • 108g
  • vegan friendly

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Material Organic cotton


Description / Strong as an Ankylosaurus T-shirt for Kids

Don your organic cotton armour with this teal-coloured kids' t-shirt featuring an Ankylosaurus showing off its fearsome horns, beak, body plates and weapon-like tail. This exclusive design has been approved by dinosaur expert Professor Paul Barrett.

Emblazoned on the front are the words 'Strong as an Ankylosaurus' and key facts about this incredible prehistoric herbivore. The design features a shield, which represents the animal's armoured underbelly, a football depicting the size of its tail club and leaves highlight its diet of bushes and plants.

Kids' unisex size Chest Length Sleeve length
3-4 years 33cm 42cm 11.5cm
5-6 years 35cm 46cm 12.5cm
7-8 years 37cm 51.5cm 14.5cm
9-11 years 41cm 57.5cm 16.5cm