Ocean Figurine Playset Bucket

  • suitable for ages 4+
  • contains 32 pieces
  • bucket measures 18cm x 18cm x 20cm, weighs 426g
  • made from PVC (models) and polypropylene (bucket)

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Description / Ocean Figurine Playset Bucket

Encourage youngsters to dive deep into their imaginations with this fabulous tub of toys from Wild Republic. 

Inside the bucket are 14 multicoloured animal models, including a hammerhead shark, dolphin and starfish, 12 bunches of seaweed and six rock formations, all ready for adventure under the high seas.

Convenient to store away or take on trips, this playset is an easy way to introduce youngsters to ocean life and for other kids to get involved too. Then, when the story is finished, scoop the toys back into the bucket ready for the next playdate.