Giant Squid Soft Toy

  • exclusive to our shop 
  • suitable from birth 
  • H27cm x W40cm x L110cm 
  • 300g 
  • stuffing and outer fabric made from 100% recycled PET (except eyes) 
  • hand wash only 

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Description / Giant Squid Soft Toy

It's hard to imagine that a wild animal which can grow longer than a London bus has rarely been seen living in its natural habitat of the deep ocean. That's why Archie, the 8.62-metre giant squid is one of our star specimens who you can meet in a Behind the Scenes Spirit Collection Tour.

If you can't wait for that, then this fabulously orange cuddly toy should do the trick. Its whole body, excluding the wide eyes, but including the eight arms and two long tentacles are made and stuffed with recycled plastic (polyethylene terephthalate), known as RPET.

With all those limbs, it's no surprise this toy is the perfect hugger.