Geological Time Drinks Bottle

  • hot or cold liquids
  • H22.9cm x W7.6cm (diameter)
  • 500ml
  • 340g
  • made from stainless steel, silicon and BPA-free plastic
  • not dishwasher safe

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Description / Geological Time Drinks Bottle

Do you know your eras from your periods – and which animals lived when? If it’s a bit hazy, why not treat yourself – or fellow fossil hunters and Time Lords – to his brown, textured, steel flask.

On the outside is a table of years that make up a period, which in turn make up an era, shown next to an illustrated cross section of the different wildlife that existed in that time zone.

So when you pour in your hot tea or ice-cold water, you’ll fill upwards from the Archean Era of microbial life, through the Devonian Period when starfish-like creatures appeared, past the Mesozoic era of dinosaurs and reach the Quaternary period just before you screw on the leak-proof lid.