Facebook Update greetings card: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 50

If you're trying to get the attention of someone who is always on their phone, why not send them this wonderful card from the fiftieth Wildlife Photographer of the Year 50 competition, announced in 2014.


When this young Japanese macaque got hold of a tourist's phone at a monkey park, photographer Marsel van Oosten saw the perfect opportunity for a winning image. Battling with steam from the natural hot spring, Marsel waited and eventually got his shot just as the macaque looked intently at the screen.


The Wildlife Photographer of the Year is the Museum's annual competition and exhibition that highlights the world's best nature imagery, with the hope of inspiring observers to become advocates for the planet.


Printed in the UK, the card and envelope are made from materials certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council and come wrapped in a recycled paper band.

  • Facebook Update by Marsel Van Oosten 
  • 2014 collection: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 50 
  • blank inside, with white envelope 
  • 163mm x 163mm x 2mm 
  • 21.5g 
  • materials: FSC-certified coated cardboard; plastic-free EcoBand wrapper 
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