Balloon Modelling Christmas Crackers

  • suitable for ages 8+ 
  • set of six crackers 
  • includes balloons, hand pump, eye stickers, instructions 
  • size in packaging: L36.8cm x H30.5cm x D5.3cm 
  • 383g 
  • made from FSC-certified sustainably sourced card and paper 
  • you must be aged 12+ to purchase  

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Description / Balloon Modelling Christmas Crackers

Is it a giraffe? Is it a butterfly? Add even more merriment to Christmas Day with the ultimate party trick - balloon modelling.

Along with the traditional paper hat and cheeky joke, inside each colourful cracker are five balloons ready to inflate and a set of instructions to help turn air into animals. There's a hand pump included too, along with eye stickers to add character to your inflatable friend.

Whether you're making the animals or trying to guess what they are, this is great, creative fun for everyone you're celebrating with.