Treasures of the Natural History Museum book

Housing over 80 million specimens, the collections here at the Museum are both fascinating and invaluable. 


A celebration of over 200 of the Museum's most exceptional natural history objects, including world-famous specimens and little-known curiosities, this book explores some of the most wonderful specimens, with stunning colour photography, detailed facts and history surrounding the Museum itself.


Discover the rare meteorite from Mars, Darwin's celebrated finch specimens, a tiny snail no bigger than a letter on this page, and one of the first signs of life on Earth, 3.5 billion years old. From a lethal claw from the dinosaur Baryonyx to some immaculately dressed fleas. Selected from our displays and those behind the scenes are some familiar objects and others never before seen in public. Each has been chosen for its scientific importance, striking beauty or intriguing story, and sometimes all three.


The book also includes the magnificent 200-year-old Museum building itself with its many architectural treasures. Get this, the ultimate coffee table book.

  • written by Vicky Paterson
  • 256 pages
  • hardback
  • Museum archives
  • 25.5x22x3cm
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