The Rock and Gem Book

This illustrated encyclopaedia contains everything inquisitive youngsters could want to know about heaps of geological stones. Gems, minerals, rocks, fossils and shells are all excavated in this educational book.


Young palaeontologists can get stuck in to the mass of dino-facts dedicated to our fossilised friends. Gemstone hunters will be delighted by the range of dazzling minerals on each page.


With more than 1200 full-colour specimens of geological rocks and gems, and an illustrated synopsis covering the geological formation of the Earth, this encyclopaedia rocks.


  • a DK book
  • by Clive Gifford
  • illustrated encyclopaedia
  • 1200+ full-colour specimens
  • suitable for children
  • hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • 22 x 2 x 28cm
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