Sweet Orange & Mandarin Organic Base Lip Balm

  • made in Wiltshire for the Museum's Botanical Scent Collection 
  • not tested on animals 
  • vegetarian (contains beeswax) 
  • 10g 

In stock

Description / Sweet Orange & Mandarin Organic Base Lip Balm

Bring a little shine and citrussy aromas to lips with this soothing balm, made from an organic base that includes shea butter and jojoba oil. The 10g tin features a design inspired by Köhler's Medicinal Plants by Franz Eugen Köhler and is a handy size to pop into pockets, rucksack pouches and make-up bags.

Made in Bradford-on-Avon, the lip balm's organic ingredients are sustainably sourced and not tested on animals. The makers also share the Museum's commitment to sustainability, supplementing energy consumption with solar power and funding tree-planting to offset their carbon footprint.

The lip balm is part of the Botanical Scent Collection, inspired by nineteenth and twentieth century books and artwork in our Libraries and Archives.

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