Surfing delight wall print

Wim began to regret setting out in such a small boat that day. His tough-plastic camera bags were leaking salt water onto his precious camera, the heavy swell made it a challenge to balance, and he had painful cramp in his arm from holding the heavy lens to his eye. ‘I had to concentrate hard’, Wim says, ‘on keeping the dolphins in the viewfinder while not falling out of the boat.’


But the moment the mass of bottlenose dolphins exploded in unison, he knew it was all worth it. The perfect backdrop for such a serendipitous moment was the backlit curtain of sparkling spray. Some scientists argue that dolphins don’t play for the sheer fun of it in the way we humans do. What Wim observed that day off Port St Johns, South Africa, suggests otherwise.

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  • Title: Surfing delight
  • Photographer: Wim Van Den Heever
  • Collection: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013
  • Theme: Marine
  • Copyright: SURFING DELIGHT © Wim Van Den Heever (South Africa) 2013
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