Southern right whale fluke wall print

'I was so inspired after a whale-watching trip to the Valdes Peninsula in Argentina that I immediately planned my return visit. I couldn't get over seeing the southern right whales doing 'head-stands', when they wave their flukes high out of the water for up to two minutes,' says photographer, Armin.


'Are they playing, communicating under water, or controlling their temperature? No one knows exactly. I imagined taking a dramatic photograph of a fluke against a vivid sky, but when I returned a year later, it took five weeks before a whale granted my wish by head-standing against a spectacular sunset.'

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  • Title: Southern right whale fluke
  • Photographer: Armin Maywald
  • Collection: Wild Planet
  • Theme: Marine
  • Copyright: SOUTHERN RIGHT WHALE FLUKE ©Armin Maywald (Germany) 2010
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