Simplicity wall print

Valter needed dew for his picture. It was crucial to generate ‘bokeh’ – a Japanese word for the aesthetic quality of out-of-focus points of light – with a vintage lens. A day of rain followed by a clear night left the dog’s tooth violets in a meadow near his home in Possagno, Italy, drenched in dew.


‘The light was intense, and there wasn’t a breath of air to disturb the scene,’ says Valter. He set up before dawn, choosing his flower, and as the first rays of sun touched the petals at the right angle, he took the image – one that captures for him some of the magic of the moment. ‘The dog’s tooth violet is a simple flower, so common that it is often overlooked,’ he says. ‘The bokeh effect is a way to honour its great beauty.’ 

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  • Title: Simplicity
  • Photographer: Valter Binotto
  • Collection: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013
  • Theme: Landscapes
  • Copyright: SIMPLICITY © Valter Binotto (Italy) 2013
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