Rose Blush & Geranium Organic Base Lip Balm

  • made in Wiltshire for the Museum's Botanical Scent Collection 
  • not tested on animals 
  • vegetarian (contains beeswax) 
  • 10g 

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Description / Rose Blush & Geranium Organic Base Lip Balm

The balm's delicate scents of rose and geranium will provide a little aromatherapy as it gently nourishes chapped lips.

The 10g tin is part of the Relaxing range within the Botanical Scent Collection, taking inspiration in both packaging design and ingredients from Elizabeth Twining's nineteenth century artwork in the Museum Library and Archives.

Made in Bradford-on-Avon, the lip balm's organic ingredients - including shea butter and jojoba oil - are sustainably sourced and not tested on animals. The makers also share the Museum's commitment to sustainability, supplementing energy consumption with solar power and funding tree-planting to offset their carbon footprint.