Reflection greetings card: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 57

A thought-provoking card featuring Reflection by Majed Ali, from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 57 exhibition.


Mountain gorillas are a subspecies of the eastern gorilla, and are found at altitudes over 1,400 metres in two isolated populations - at the Virunga volcanoes and in Bwindi, Uganda. These gorillas are endangered due to habitat loss, disease, poaching and habitat disruption caused by human activity.


The greetings card is printed in Britain using compostable inks on sustainably sourced cardboard certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The starch packaging is also compostable.

    • Reflection by Majed Ali 
    • 14cm x 18.5cm 
    • 8g 
    • FSC-certified board, compostable inks 
    • compostable starch packaging 
    • blank inside 
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