Red squirrel keeps a lookout wall print

Red squirrels often build their dreys inside abandoned houses, and so Kai was not in the least surprised to discover one inside the house. The house gave shelter in winter and safety from hungry birds of prey.


Kai tempted the squirrel onto the window ledge with nuts so he could photograph it against the window and the ancient, shredded curtains. ‘I love the fact that it is looking out of the window,’ he says, ‘as though expecting guests to arrive any minute.’

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  • Title: Red squirrel keeps a lookout
  • Photographer: Kai Fagerström
  • Collection: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010
  • Theme: Mammals
  • Copyright: RED SQUIRREL KEEPS A LOOKOUT ©Kai Fagerström (Finland) 2010
  • Please note all rolled and framed prints come with at least a 10% white border, ready for mounting.
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