Red kite hover wall print

For several years, Javi has been photographing scavenging birds in the Pyrenees, learning much about their hunting methods and the order they arrive at carrion. Here, at El Pont de Suert, in Lérida, Spain, he focused on the red kites.


Once food has been spotted, the kite hovers, waiting for the right moment ‘to launch into a spiral down to its target, using the element of surprise to snatch a beakful and even stealing food off other birds.’ After days in his hide, Javi finally got the portrait he was after, capturing ‘the beauty of the kite’s plumage, the way he manoeuvres and the concentration of his look.’

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  • Title: Red kite hover
  • Photographer: Javi Montes
  • Collection: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009
  • Theme: Birds
  • Copyright: RED KITE HOVER ©Javi Montes (Spain) 2010
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