Natural Attraction: A Field Guide to Friends, Frenemies, and Other Symbiotic Animal Relationships Book

Explore nature and human nature as you learn about symbiotic relationships in the animal world. Codependency, mooching, and frenemies are not just for humans, it turns out--no species in the animal kingdom functions independently from others, and their interactions just might surprise you! Watercolour illustrations and explanatory text depict 35 odd, cute, and unpredictable pairs with humour and warmth, and infographics on vampires, cannibalism, mimicry, and parasites enlighten and charm. You'll learn a lot about nature-and human nature-as you recognize traits of your own friends, frenemies, and enemies in this insightful, amusing study of the secret lives of animals.

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  • 176 pages
  • 15.75 x 1.78 x 20.07 cm
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