The Queen and Mr Brown: Meet the Rats

Another fantastic adventure in the animal kingdom for readers aged 5 to 500.


The Queen and her faithful corgi companion are back for another magical animal adventure. This time they come face to face with some infamous inhabitants of the London underworld – the rats!


During one of their regular rendezvous at the Natural History Museum, the Queen and Mr Brown are transported from the streets of South Kensington to the strange and wonderful world of the rats.


With a talking toucan and a streetwise polar bear as their guides, they are whisked through a tunnel under the Museum and launched into an extraordinary mystery tour which reveals some foul furniture, a funny smelling feast, and a spectacular rat cabaret.


Beautifully illustrated and affectionately told, the book is great to read aloud and is also highly suited to encourage children to read on their own. Meet the Rats is a charming tale of two best friends with a taste for adventure who love to learn about the animal kingdom.

  • written by James Francis Wilkins
  • 48 pages
  • paperback
  • 27x21.5x0.5cm
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