Magic mountain wall print

The colour of an aurora is the result of collisions of electrically charged particles from space with oxygen and nitrogen atoms high in Earth’s atmosphere.


In this case, in Iceland, collisions with oxygen created yellowish-green hue. Photographer David Clapp caught the moment a great burst of aurora light illuminated the sky in a totally unexpected formation.


Through concentrating on the light behind the mountain, David carefully composed the shot to create the illusion of curtains of light encircling the peak.


A photo illustrating the unique beauty of Earth’s natural phenomenon, this striking image would make a fantastic addition to any home.  

From £20.00
  • Title: Magic mountain
  • Photographer: David Clapp
  • Collection: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014
  • Theme: Landscapes
  • Copyright: MAGIC MOUNTAIN © David Clapp (United Kingdom) 2014
  • Please note all rolled and framed prints come with at least a 10% white border, ready for mounting.
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