Lionfish bait wall print

The wreck of the SS Thistlegorm has lain in the Red Sea at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula since 1941. She now attracts many thousands of divers each year, and a host of fishes. In one of the huge holds, Alex discovered more than 20 common lionfish, attracted by a copious supply of prey. He returned over a number of dives, determined to capture as much of the action as possible.


Here a lionfish is attacking a huge shoal of silversides and cardinalfish swirling in a huge baitball. ‘The synchrony was mesmerising, but the scene was a real challenge to photograph,’ says Alex. ‘I had to make sure that I didn’t overexpose the shiny, silver scales or create “noise” by highlighting particles in the water, while all the time being aware of the site’s strong currents.’ His determination paid off. He captured an intimate view of the agitated, swirling baitball, with the dazzling predator poised stage right.  

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  • Title: Lionfish bait
  • Photographer: Alex Tattersall
  • Collection: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013
  • Theme: Marine
  • Copyright: LIONFISH BAIT © Alex Tattersall (United Kingdom) 2013
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