Life in Black and White tote bag: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 57

Standout from the shoppers with this dazzling image of Life in Black and White by Lucas Bustamante from the People's Choice selection of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 57. 


Packed closely together and moving as one, the zebra lowered their heads to get water and, almost immediately, robotically lifted them again to scan for danger. This went on for five minutes and their stripes reminded Lucas of a living barcode. Focusing hard, his aim was to capture only one with its head up and, just before the herd left, he got the image. 


Made from 100% organic cotton with smart black handles, this tote bag is an ideal size for carrying books, groceries and gym kit. 

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  • Life in Black and White by Lucas Bustamante 
  • 33cm x 67.5cm 
  • 100% organic cotton
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