Jurassic Mary

Mary Anning was uneducated, poor, of the wrong sex, wrong class and wrong religion, but yet was exactly the right person to become a pioneer of palaeontology.  


Mary found fame at just the age of twelve. she caught the public’s attention when she unearthed the skeleton of a ‘fish lizard’ or Ichthyosaurus. She later found the first Plesiosaurus giganteus, with its extraordinary long neck associated with the Loch Ness monster, and, dramatically, she unearthed the first, still rare, Dimorphodon macronyx, a frightening ‘flying dragon’ with hand claws and teeth.


Yet her many discoveries were announced to the world by male geologists and they often received the credit. In Jurassic Mary, Patricia Pierce redresses this imbalance, bringing to life the extraordinary, little-known story of this determined and pioneering woman.

  • science history 
  • Patricia Pierce
  • paperback
  • 256 pages
  • 12.5x19.5
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