In the light of dawn wall print

The pride hadn’t eaten for several days. They were hungry, and a hunt was very likely. A blanket of fog lay thickly over the Okavango Delta’s Duba Plains, Botswana, and the dawn light was very low. It was hard to make out anything, but fortunately the lions were still lying where Frits had left them the evening before. A short while later, the females set off to hunt.


‘I wanted to photograph one out in the open, in the wet and misty weather. So we positioned the vehicle where they might walk towards us. When this lioness stopped by a tuft of grass and peered into the distance, it was perfect. I love the intense green, the drops of dew on the grass and the soft light and detail on her body. Her focused gaze captures the energy and intensity of a hunt that hasn’t yet happened.’

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  • Title: In the light of dawn
  • Photographer: Christiaan Hoogendijk
  • Collection: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012
  • Theme: Mammals
  • Copyright: IN THE LIGHT OF DAWN ©Christiaan Hoogendijk (South Africa) 2012
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