I Am Raptor animal-shaped puzzle

Gather friends and family around the table to create a poster-size, animal-shaped 100-piece jigsaw of Deinonychus. This fearsome two-legged, clawed raptor walked Earth in the early Cretaceous period.

Made from recycled paper, the jigsaw is suitable for those aged six and over. Each piece is big enough for small hands to handle and so that puzzlers can easily see details of this amazing predator. A completed puzzle image and a fact sheet about Deinonychus is also included in the box - perfect for dinosaur fans to use to impress their friends with.

  • 100-piece, dinosaur-shaped once complete
  • suitable from 6 years
  • poster size: 76.6cm x 84.1cm
  • 85g
  • made from recycled paper
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