How to Save our Planet: The Facts

How can we save our planet and survive the twenty-first century? How can you argue with deniers? How can we create positive change in the midst of the climate crisis? Professor Mark Maslin has the key facts that we need to protect our future. 


Global awareness of climate change is growing rapidly. Science has proven that our planet and species are facing a massive environmental crisis. How to Save Our Planet is a call to action, guaranteed to equip everyone with the knowledge needed to make changes and save our precious planet.  


From the history of our planet and species, to the potential of individuals and our power to create a better future, Maslin inspires optimism in these bleak times. 

            • by Professor Mark Maslin 
            • ISBN: 9780241472521 
            • publisher: Penguin Books Ltd 
            • paperback 
            • 160 pages 
            • 181mm x 111mm 
            • 143g 
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