Hoopoe delivery wall print

‘Hoopoes are one of my favourite subjects, and I like everything about them. I took this picture in the eucalyptus grove near my home in Seville, Spain. I used a remote set-up and a wide-angle lens to capture the environment as well as the action.’


The colourful hoopoe nests in holes in trees and buildings all over Europe, Asia and Africa. When it lands, it briefly raises its crest in a dramatic fan. It survives mainly on insects and worms and has a noxious defence mechanism: it emits a foul smell and, in the case of the chicks, squirts liquid faeces.

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  • Title: Hoopoe delivery
  • Photographer: Ramon Navarro
  • Collection: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2008
  • Theme: Birds
  • Copyright: HOOPOE DELIVERY ©Ramon Navarro (Spain) 2010
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